What matters must be paid attention to when wearing glasses for children?

Nose pads: Pay attention to whether the nose pads can be supported on the bridge of the nose smoothly, and it is not easy to slip off when you lower your head or shake the top of your head. In developing children, the bridge of the nose is usually flat, so frames without separate nose pads are not suitable. There is a design of nose pads for one-piece suits to deal with the flat nose bridge of children. However, because the plastic of the one-piece suit is too wide and the nose bridge of children is narrow, it is often worn on the nose, causing the overall part of the glasses to sink. , Although the glasses are firm, but the parts of the glasses have changed, it is necessary to pay attention.

Mirror ring: The size of the mirror ring is the key to determine the size of the glasses. The suitable edge of the mirror ring should be on both sides of the orbital bone. If it exceeds the face, the size of the frame is usually too large; if the mirror ring is only as big as the eyes, The temples are bent, and the frame is very easy to deform.

Temples: Suitable for children's glasses design, the temples should be attached to the skin on the side of the face and have a certain tightening force. This range and the bearing capacity of the nose pads mutually have the smoothing effect of an equilateral triangle. Some children's glasses can accommodate a finger between the temples and the skin of the face, and the glasses can be moved when they are touched at will. It is inconvenient to imagine that such glasses are worn on the child's face, and it is inconvenient to hold them with hands anytime, anywhere. However, we have also seen some children wearing glasses a year or two ago, and the growth and development of the top of the head caused the temples to sink into the skin of the face. This kind of imprint has already reminded everyone that the glasses are no longer suitable for parents and children after they grow up.

Post time: Sep-19-2022