In addition to aesthetics, you should pay more attention to these when choosing frames

Many people often only pay attention to the aesthetics when choosing glasses frames for myopia. In fact, the optical and measurement technical indicators of the glasses frames are very important for the comfort of consumers wearing glasses. The choice of eyeglass frames should be considered from three parts: frame aesthetics, frame function and wearing comfort.

Spectacle frames also come in their own sizes. Generally, parameters such as the size of the spectacle frame are marked on the temple, bridge of the nose or on the sign. For example: 54 mouths 18-135, which means the frame width is 54mm, the nose bridge width is 18mm, and the temple size is 135mm. First of all, you need to know the size of the glasses frame that suits you. You can check the parameters of the purchased glasses, or measure the glasses with a ruler to get the data, or go to the optical store to try them on, and then write down the size that suits you.

Know your eye degree

The degree includes the near/far vision degree of both eyes, and the interpupillary distance. If there is astigmatism, the degree of astigmatism and the axis of astigmatism need to be provided. The axis is the angle of the astigmatism, and the astigmatism cannot be assembled without the axis of the astigmatism. If you don't know the degree, you can go to an optical shop or a hospital to measure the degree. The hospital degree is also very convenient, and you can measure the degree by hanging an eye department number.

Optometry statement

Remember to insert optometry (that is, try wearing the insert to see the eye chart or look into the distance, do not take the computer optometry list as a holy decree, even if you have a computer optometry list, you must insert the optometry manually and modify it), the first time wearing glasses and Those who seldom wear glasses must insert the refraction, otherwise it is very likely to wear dizziness. Regarding the interpupillary distance, the general interpupillary distance is 60mm-70mm for men and 58mm-65mm for women. The center of the pupil and lens corresponds to the most comfortable fit.

Choice of lenses

Generally, the degree is not high (0-300), and the refractive index of 1.56 can be selected. For medium degree (300-500), the refractive index of 1.61 can be selected. 800 and above). The higher the refractive index of the lens, the thinner the edge of the lens of the same degree, the higher the price. Now the world's well-known brands are Essilor and Zeiss, the domestic well-known brands are Mingyue, and there are various domestic and foreign brands. Lenses cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand. Cheaper online!

Suitable for face shape and color matching

Generally, a round face is suitable for wearing a square frame, and a square face with a Chinese character face and a melon face is suitable for wearing a round frame. The color matching is mainly based on personal preference, and the more mature ones are mainly dark tones. Young people and those with a young mentality can try the more popular retro glasses frames recently. Tortoiseshell and leopard color are a bit jumpy, and they belong to pure young people.

Generally speaking, if you have a fair complexion, you should choose a frame with a lighter color, such as soft pink, gold and silver, etc.; if you have a darker complexion, you should choose a frame with a darker color, such as red, black or tortoiseshell color, etc. ; If the skin color is yellow, avoid the yellow frame, mainly in light colors such as pink, coffee red, silver, and white; if the skin color is red, avoid the red frame, choose gray, light green, Blue frame, etc.

Post time: Oct-28-2022