Have you paid attention to the maintenance of sunglasses?

Sunglasses are the home of summer. When going out in summer, basically everyone wears a pair of sunglasses that cover half of their face, which not only provides shade but also enhances their appearance. But many people buy sunglasses mostly because of fashion and matching clothes, and few people pay attention to the maintenance of sunglasses. You must know that if sunglasses are often thrown around, their function will be weakened over time, not only will they not be able to protect against ultraviolet rays, but it may also cause your eye health problems.

How to maintain the sunglasses to better protect our eyes?

1. Pay attention to pollution damage

Gorgeous sunglasses allow you to be active in the sun, so free. In fact, sunglasses can block the sun, but they can’t stop pollution damage. Therefore, careful care is needed to make the sun glasses play the best role.

2. Be careful when taking off

The method of maintaining sunglasses is like maintaining ordinary glasses. It is a habit to clean, fold and store. It’s just that the sunglasses are often taken off and worn, and they will be scratched if they are not careful. When the sunglasses are stained and adhered, don’t use your fingernails to pick them up, it will easily scratch the surface.

3. Pay attention to the storage of sunglasses

When sunglasses are not worn, many people will easily hang them on their heads, collars or pockets. At this time, the movement of the body should not be too large to avoid breaking or crashing. Or someone will put it in the handbag, it is better to put it in the hard glasses case first, and then put it in the handbag, so as not to be worn by small things such as keys, combs, copper plates, etc., or contaminated with cosmetics such as lipstick.

4. Don’t put sunglasses for driving

Sunglasses worn by motorists are often placed on the dashboard or on the seat when they are not worn. This is a very bad habit. The hot weather will bake the sunglasses out of their original shape, especially the plastic frame. , it is best to take it out of the car, or store it in the glasses storage box.

Post time: May-27-2022