T1315 acetate frame tac lenses polarized sunglasses unisex

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Fashionable acetate frame material with tac lenses.total 4 colors for choose,uv400 luxury sunglasses.

  • Frames Material: acetate
  • Lens Material: TAC
  • Frame Colors: Black/Grey/Tort
  • Products Name: Polarized sunglasses unisex
  • MOQ: In stock 50pcs/Can mix color
  • Logo: Custom logo
  • Order: Accept OEM or ODM
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    T1315S is top quality acetate frames tac lenses polarized sunglasses.Material: made of high - tech acetate memory board.  Design: specially designed for the masses of fashion people and the pursuit of quality life and students.  Characteristic: concise inside collect design style, show on the whole sedate one  Surface, the use of a proper coloring process.  Emphasize the mirror leg line  The stereoscopic change on the bar.  Accessories: lens foot cover perfect fusion, like nature in general, lens shape extremely personalized. Performance features: with certain elasticity, when slightly forced bending or tension after relaxation, shape memory acetate will be restored to its original state. Frame cut with acetate fiber board.  The characteristics of the plate is not easy to burn, relatively light, almost not affected by ultraviolet radiation and color, hardness is larger gloss is better, durable, not easy to heat processing, more beautiful style, not easy to deformation after wearing.


    Another advantage this polarized sunglasses,Polarized are made according to the principle of polarization of light.  We know that when sunlight hits the road or water, it directly irritates the eyes, making them feel blinding, tired and unable to see for long.  Especially when you are driving in the car, outdoor entertainment activities, not only affect our work and entertainment mood, and even affect our judgment of the object and cause danger;  Long-term direct exposure to sunlight, but also lead to a rapid decline in vision, the formation of myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism or cataracts.  The polarized special effect is to effectively remove and filter the scattered light from the beam.  So that the light can be on the right axis into the eye visual image, so that the field of vision is clear and natural.  Be like the principle of shutter curtain, the light is adjusted to be in the same direction light and enter indoor, nature makes scenery looks downy and not dazzling.  


    Polarizer can eliminate the light irradiation in the water, glasses, smooth road surface produced by the strong reflection, can effectively protect the eye, especially suitable for driving, fishing and water sports consumers.   General sunglasses only use the role of reducing light, because the general lens can not filter light, so can only reduce the intensity of glare, ultraviolet light, and can not completely block these harmful rays, so its function is to reduce the damage to the eye, but the biggest advantage of general sunglasses is the best epidemic.   The polarizing lens can completely block dazzling light caused by scattering, bending, reflection and other factors because of its polarizing property.   At the same time can also be harmful to the human eye uv light completely blocked, so that people in strong light long-term activities, the eyes are not easy to fatigue, to achieve real protection function, and can let see things more clear, three-dimensional.


    1.Q:Can I customize my logo?

    A: Yes,of course.The OEM is available & welcomed.

    2.Q:Can I take the samples?

    A:Yes,you can take the samples.And the samples cost will be returned when you place the order.

    3.Q:What is our production delivery date?

    A:For stock goods and samples,we can arrange to expresss them within 3--5days.

    For promotional products,the delivery time will be 15--20 days.

    For OEM order,we will finish productsion and make the deliverywithin 45--90 days after we receive your payment or deposit.

    4.Q:What's our MOQ?

    A: 50PCS/MODEL/COLOR for Ready to Ship Goods.

    5.Q:What's our payment term?

    A:Ready good 100% TT, Paypal,Credit card!

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