Ivision Sunglasses Never Forget

With economies and societies around the world slowly recovering from the pandemic, and with summer holidays approaching, it's a good time to start planning our beach vacations after 2 years of long-awaited stay-at-home isolation.  

Ivision has just released a new product that might interest all beach lovers--- Sunglasses, classic pilot model, with hd nylon polarized lens, UV400. 

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The sunglasses have similar design cues to those worn by pilots, but are much slimmer than the professional sunglasses by pilots. Customers don’t have to worry about durability their slim appearance. they are made from lightweight aluminum stainless steel frames. It very light, about 22g, the weight is equivalent to 3~5 sheets A4 papers. Ivision believes that sunglasses design should prioritize customer comfort.

The super sunglasses  are equipped with nylon polarized lenses imported from Germany, The lens have a variety of special light refraction properties. Such as UV400 protection, which can protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays more effectively than traditional sunglasses. Add anti-oil layer inside and outside lenses. Fingerprints, oil stains and oil stains are not easy to adhere to.  The glasses  uses 8-layer OAR antireflection film, which can greatly reduce the reflected light and eliminate!

Welcome to contact ivision optical!

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Post time: Apr-25-2022