How to choose sports glasses to protect your eyes

With the rise of healthy living slogans, people will use outdoor sports in their leisure time to keep healthy. Then outdoor safety issues cannot be ignored. Therefore, while enjoying the process of sports, you must also protect yourself. It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and they are the signal towers during sports. So how to choose sports glasses and other related issues must be carefully understood.

1. Introduction of sports glasses

Sports glasses refer to safety glasses worn during sports. Usually, advanced equipment has safety (PC lenses), protection (TR-90 frame, soft and elastic), comfort (non-slip nose pads and foot covers), and beauty (with Sports, casual clothing collocation) effect.

2. The structure of sports glasses

1. Lens

1) PC lens is a space film, which is a kind of lens that is not broken or cracked, and is 100% safe. It is currently the thinnest lens in the world, 57% lighter than glass lenses, 37% lighter than resin lenses, and 26% thinner. It is currently the most impact-resistant lens in the world. Its materials are first used in space shuttle viewing windows and bulletproof glass. The impact resistance is 60 times that of glass sheet, 10 times that of ordinary safety resin sheet, and 100% anti-ultraviolet (UV400).

2) Magnesium alloy lens, its light texture is 2/5 of titanium and 2/3 of aluminum, the processing accuracy error is only 0.02mm, the color is bright, not easy to fade, and different colors can be added to the lens, which is an environmentally friendly product. Advantages: It is classy to wear, light and comfortable.

3) Polarized lenses use the principle of polarization (that is, the principle of blinds), which can filter stray light. In addition to 100% filtering of harmful ultraviolet rays, it can also automatically adjust and block the strong reflected light that cannot be blocked by general sports glasses, adjust all projected light into the same direction of light, eliminate dazzling reflected light and scattered light, and make the eyes in the same direction. Seeing the scene in the sun is clearer and has a better line of sight. It is suitable for outdoor sports such as field trips, driving, fishing, and snow mountain climbing. Polaroid is the inventor of polarized lenses.

2. Frame

The TR-90 frame is made of ultra-tough resin material, which is smooth, flexible and light, and comfortable to wear. It is characterized by high temperature resistance, can withstand high temperature of 350 degrees in an instant, is not easy to melt and burn, impact resistance is more than twice that of cellulose acetate plastic (CA), memory function, anti-deformation index reaches 620KG/CM2, and weight is 30% lighter than CA .

3. The characteristics of good sports glasses

1. The color of the left and right lenses is uniform and the difference is not more than 5%;

2. It can resist ultraviolet rays 100%; it will not deform when viewing objects;

3. It is comfortable to wear and will not jump or even fall off with the running rhythm;

4. The lens is not easy to break, and the frame has good toughness.

4. The direction of purchasing glasses for different sports

1. The lens must be selected well, because different lenses have different filtering effects on light and adapt to different environments. In terms of color, dark lenses are much better than light lenses, and can isolate more ultraviolet rays. The uv index can be improved. Specifically, it can be distinguished according to the corresponding movement:

(1) Light gray, gray, or light orange lenses can be used for less intense sports such as mountaineering and running.

(2) For stream fishing, sea fishing, swimming, sailing, yachting, motorcycles, riding and other sports, you can choose light gray, brown, blue, purple lenses.

(3) For sports such as tennis, golf, shooting, archery, hunting, baseball, and driving, which emphasize eyesight, brown, orange, light red, and light orange lenses can be used.

2. The material of the frame should be soft, flexible, and impact-resistant. It must at least protect the eyes during intense sports. If possible, try to choose a veneer design, which can make the eyes close to the edge of the frame and prevent strong wind from damaging the glasses. Impact.

5. Protection of sports glasses

1. Avoid contact with items containing chemical ingredients such as perfumes and insecticides, so as to avoid chemical corrosion on the lenses and frames, and better protect your glasses;

2. After use, please wipe your sports glasses and put them in the glasses bag for safe storage. Do not store them with hard or sharp objects to avoid scratching the lenses or the top coat;

3. Please wipe it with a professional glasses wiping cloth before use, and rinse it with a professional cleaner if necessary; special attention: glasses with polarized lenses cannot be cleaned with ultrasonic waves or water, otherwise the polarized effect will be destroyed;

4. Sports glasses will inevitably have scratches and dark spots after long-term use. If the above situation occurs, it is recommended that you replace the glasses or lenses in time to protect your eyes; Contact the manufacturer.

For sports enthusiasts, enjoying the happiness brought by sports is a very worthwhile thing to do, but they also need to pay attention to their own safety, choose professional sports glasses to wear reasonably, and it would be better to exercise in a safe state.

Post time: Dec-20-2022