Do sunglasses have a service life? How to clean and maintain sunglasses

Do Sunglasses Have a Lifespan?

Sunglasses also have a shelf life, which is related to the wearing time, lens material, wearing habits, regional sunshine, etc. Generally speaking, the best use period of sunglasses is about two years.

How to clean and maintain sunglasses

wipe the lens

When the lens has stains, grease or fingerprints, you can wipe the dust or dirt on the lens with a soft cotton cloth included in the special sunglasses accessories. Do not use fingernails or products with chemical ingredients to remove spots from the lens.

glasses storage

When the glasses are not worn, they should be carefully removed and wiped well. When placing it, it should be folded from the left temple (based on the wearing surface) first, with the mirror facing up, wrapped with a cleaning cloth, and placed in a special bag. Be careful to prevent the lens and frame from being scratched by hard objects or squeezed for a long time.

Pay attention to placement

It is forbidden to soak in water or soak in water for a long time. Place it in a fixed place to be exposed to sunlight, and it is forbidden to place it on the edge of electric current or metal for a long time.

Wear matters

Do not take and wear glasses with one hand, as it is easy to deform the frame. If the frame is deformed or uncomfortable to wear, you should go to a professional in an optical shop to adjust it.

Do sunglasses change color?

Some sunglasses can change color with the change of light, this kind of sunglasses are color-changing sunglasses. The color change of photochromic sunglasses is reversible, the stronger the ultraviolet light, the darker the lens color, and the weaker the ultraviolet light, the lighter the lens color.

Post time: Feb-10-2023