I Vision T1516 High quality acetate optical spectacle frame unisex

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Simple and trendy full frame acetate optical frame eyeglasses,men and women comfortable light Hot Sale Optical Frame.Safe and reliable spectacle frame.

  • Frames Material: acetate
  • Lens Material: demo
  • Frame Colors: Black/Gray
  • Products Name: Acetate optcial spectacle frames
  • MOQ: In stock 50pcs/Can mix color
  • Logo: Custom logo
  • Order: Accept OEM or ODM
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    T1516 is a high quality acetate material,acetate eyeglass frame can be said to be the kind of frame that never goes out of fashion, and it is favored by more young people because of it’s strong ability to follow the trend. 


    Nowadays, the material of eyeglasses frame is mostly made of high-tech acetate memory board, most of the board composition is acetate fiber, and a few high-grade picture frame is propionic acid fiber.  The plate type of acetate fiber is divided into injection molding and pressing grinding type. Injection molding type, as the name implies, is irrigated with a mold, but at present, most of the plate glasses are pressed and polished.  

    The characteristics of acetate eyeglasses optical frame are as follows: not easy to burn;  Good strength and durability;  Good gloss, beautiful style, not easy to deformation after wearing;  Baking processing temperature should not exceed 130 degrees, high temperature will bubble;  Less prone to allergies.  

    Acetate eyeglasses glasses frame weight is lighter, hardness is large, gloss is good, and the combination of steel skin to strengthen the firm performance, and the style is stylish.  With a certain elasticity, when slightly forced bending or tension after relaxation, shape memory plate will be restored to its original state.  Plate frame is not easy to burn, almost not affected by ultraviolet radiation and color, hardness is larger gloss is better, be good at not easy to heat processing, more nice style, Acetate optical frame is also suitable for the height of the number of people, because the frame is larger, can withstand the height of the lens.


    At the same time, acetate optical eyeglasses frame is easier to match clothes, fusion plate thick and metal texture, mirror foot and foot cover perfect fusion, like a natural general, the shape of the lens is extremely personalized.  The shape of the frame is both modern and classic, with streamlined and colorful borders that seamlessly combine.  


    1. Q:Can I customize my logo?

    A: Yes,of course.The OEM is available & welcomed.

    2. Q:Can I take the samples?

    A:Yes,you can take the samples.And the samples cost will be returned when you place the order.

    3. Q:What is our production delivery date?

    A:For stock goods and samples,we can arrange to expresss them within 3--5days.

    For promotional products,the delivery time will be 15--20 days.

    For OEM order,we will finish productsion and make the delivery within 45--90 days after we receive your payment or deposit.

    4. Q:What's our MOQ?

    A: 50PCS/MODEL/COLOR for Ready to Ship Goods.

    5. Q:What's our payment term?

    A:Ready good 100% TT, Paypal,Credit card!

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